by Dana J. Moore

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I recorded this album several years ago (and wrote some of these songs years before that), but never published it. Now, it's time to share with the world. It's just me and a piano, singing some songs I still love. I hope you enjoy it too. Happy New Year!


released December 31, 2015

Keyboard/Vocals: Dana J. Moore
Recorded/Produced: Aaron Davis



all rights reserved


Dana J. Moore New York

singer, songwriter, pianist, novelist, reader, blogger, mom, wife, believer

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Track Name: Resolution
Time keeps passing
And I keep changing
Not in the ways I wish I would

World keeps turning
My soul is burning
Not in the ways I think it should

By January One
Ambitions rising with the sun
And a host of resolutions I won't reach before the year is done

And the temperature is cold
Reminding me I'm getting old
And these notions of perfection, I will never hold in my arms

Hearts still beating
Life is fleeting
Not with the speed I think it could

We make mistakes
And slam on all our brakes
But not in the time I wish we would

By December Thirty-One
Our hopes and dreams have come and gone
And a plethora of new regrets outweigh the victories in sum

We ring in the new year
With nostalgia and some hidden tears
And vow unto ourselves we won't return to what we fear we had become

I wish life was a metronome that I could slow down
Instead it's like a metronome I can't
Ticking, tocking with a clock the moments spin 'round
My eyes are fixed upon the second hand

I wish life was a hourglass with unmoving sand
Instead it's like an hourglass that's not
Minutes falling grain by grain becoming the past
Mesmerized, I can't escape the thought

That for all the years I've come
For all the miles I have run
I have never seen a vision like the rising of the sun

For all the times I've cried
All the days I wished to God I'd die
For all the ruined fantasies, the faults, the fights, the failure I've become
There's always been a rising sun

See, the sun keeps rising
I keep surviving
Not I the sense I'd hoped I would

But life keeps going, growing
And even when it's snowing
I get the subtle feeling that this is good

So here's my resolution
My weak attempt at a solution
I don't know much of anything but maybe this is wisdom

If there's one thing I've learned
Here it is, my one conclusion:
Set your eyes upon the rising sun
Fix your gaze upon the rising sun
Turn your face unto the Risen Son
Track Name: The Prodigal
I know I’ve turned my back on you
See how far I’ve run
But now my heart is aching
And I am overcome
Lord, I hope that you’ll be waiting there with outstretched arms
Here I am, I am the prodigal one

I know that I am weak
I stumble when I walk
And it’s your face I seek
‘Cause you pick me up each time I fall
Oh God I pray you’ll hear me
And answer when I call
Here I am, I am the prodigal child

I’ve lost my way again
And I don’t know where you are
I’ve run to far this time
And I don’t know where to start
I’m waiting here for you
Oh Father hear my heart
Here I am, I am the prodigal daughter

For I am broken here on my knees
And I am shaken oh this my plea
With open arms please rescue me
Here I am, I am the prodigal

I see you running out to me
And tears well in my eyes
How can you still love me?
I don’t know how, I don’t know why
Jesus, hold me close
And may the tears run dry
Here I am, I am the prodigal child
I am the prodigal child
I am the prodigal
Track Name: This Is Our Night
Come and meet me underneath the stars
Come and see me underneath the angels
Come hold my hand
This world is turning faster beneath our feet
Come dance we can move with it
Move with me

Come and gather underneath these stars
Come and find me, come exactly as you are
Come and dance
Come and sing with me
Oh come and breathe
Come and become free

This is our night

Come and join me underneath our stars
Come and find me standing at the altar
Come hear my vows
Come hear my promise of eternity
Come kiss my lips
Come and become one with me

This is our night

And the clouds will be our dance floor
And the sky will be our home
And the birds will sing our anthem
And the stars will light our forevermore

And our hearts will be our metronome
And our eyes will shine like moons
And our love will be our anchor
In a world that tries to tear me from you

And a three-fold cord will be our tether
As you and I are welded together
And the wind will echo with our laughter
This night begins our happily ever after

Come, my lover; Come, my closest friend
Come, my partner, come, let’s start the way we plan to end
Come let us bow
Come let us kneel as two made one in him
Come now, here our old lives end
And one begins

This is our night